Light pleasure. Conscious taste.

Flavours, in all their sublime essence. The experience, which transcends taste to embrace the other senses, enveloping - and involving - the palate, the heart, the mind. The outstanding quality of the food and a surprising lightness with an infusion of inspiration in every dish. And then, to top it all off, unparalleled atmosphere and elegance. These are the foundations on which the philosophy of Eden's Park is based, the new mindful restaurant of Villa Eden, a golden gastronomic oasis where you can find complete wellbeing through the surprising delicacy of culinary creations, a caress for the soul…

"The road to health passes through the kitchen, not the pharmacy."
Sebastian Kneipp

The goal of our mindful restaurant is to offer cuisine with an artisanal soul, attentive to the health of our guests, offering exciting combinations.
In fact, the prized dishes that you will taste will open the gates to total involvement; to a holistic pleasure that becomes a link between body, spirit and conscious thought.

To achieve this purpose, we use only high quality, healthy, environmentally sustainable products with an emphasis on organic, regional ingredients.
The mindful concept also includes a delicate detox kitchen, which deliberately excludes irritating foods such as salt, sugar, coffee and alcoholic beverages, favouring vegetables, fruit and heirloom whole grains.

You can rely on the creativeness of our Executive Chef Philipp Hillebrand and his team, with a highlight on the presence of expert sommelier Elisa Gufler. They will lead you to this celestial dimension of taste where aromas, flavours, presentation and charm are the common denominators of a "culinary journey" where the pleasure of good food is never a sin.

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